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Manufacturing Equipment & Technology

Our Company has a wide variety of state-of-the-art manufacturing and scientific research equipment, including a complete line of machinery for casting, extruding, anodizing, electrophoresis, spray coating, window and door processing, etc. in the window and door and curtain wall industries. Key equipment and parts are introduced from the US, Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan, etc. to ensure the comprehensive performance is of the international advanced level.

With a provincial-level technical R&D center and aluminum profile engineering research center, we have strong scientific research capability, and are able to continuously develop eco-friendly, energy saving products for the market. And we have now developed a complete line of our products. Our environment-friendly, energy-saving thermal insulating aluminum profiles provide design and technical indicators up to the advanced levels domestically.

1. Manufacturing equipment

PVDF Coating Line from France PVDF Coating Line from France Extrusion Equipment from Japan Vertical Powder Coating Line from Italy Vertical Powder Coating Line from Italy Vertical Powder Coating Line from Italy SUNS Testing Equipment Extrusion Lines

2. Manufacturing technology

Whole-process Micro-computer Numerical Control Management Die Fabrication Billet casting, extrusion Temper, anodizing, electrophoresis Powder coating, fluorocarbon coating Thermal break Vertical wood-grain spray coating, Fabrication Vertical wood-grain spray coating, Fabrication
Main Products
    1. Wood Grain Powder Coated Aluminium ProfileThe wood grain powder coated aluminium profile is distinctive in that it provides unique vividness, good endurance of temperature, anti-corrosion and easy maintenance.
    1. Wood-Aluminium ProfileThe wood-aluminium profile is thermal insulating, energy saving, and wind and sand resistant.
      It is anti-freezing, dew condensation resistant, and prevents noise form ...
    1. Industry Aluminium Extrusion ProfileThe industry aluminium extrusion profile is widely used in the fields of architecture, radiators, solar water heaters, bumpers, cars, and many others.
    1. Wood-Aluminium Door and WindowThe wood-aluminium door and window provides flat-open, flat-open & top-hung, push-pull, folded and other opening modes.
      It has good tightness ...