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1. The thermal break aluminium casement window has excellent heat-insulating property and attractive design.
a. Designed on the basis of new concept in Europe and equipressure principle, it provides improved air and water tightness to effectively block heat transfer.
b. Equipped with appropriate profile, thermal barrier strip, hollow glass and other accessories, the casement window can have the U value reduced to below 2.0W/m²•K.
c. Different colors of inside and outside profiles can meet individual color requirements for exterior and interior decoration of architecture, enriching decoration effects of the aluminum window.

2. The aluminum casement window has good water and air tightness.
a. The use of adjustable glass block with special design facilitates installation and adjustment of glass. Also with equipressure chamber design for drainage, the window ensures the rain that has percolated drains out smoothly.
b. According to the local environment, dual-sealing or triple-sealing can be used between window frame and sash. The triple sealing can effectively keep out dust and sand and prevent them from gathering inside the equipressure chamber.

3. The thermal break aluminum casement window offers standard, systematic sectional design of profiles.
a. It can be equipped with different thermal barrier strips to form 60N, 63N, 65N, 67N, 69N and 75N series windows which offer different energy saving design options for regions with different climatic conditions.
b. Standard fastenings are used for the jointing between different angle windows and connection of window frame and stile.
c. With the systematic use of glazing beads and sealing strips of uniform specifications, the aluminum casement window can be fitted with double glazing or triplex glazing of different specifications.

4. The thermal break aluminium window has outstanding cost performance.
a. It provides optimized design in terms of wind load resistance, strength, rigidity and stability to ensure the section inertia (I) and section resistance (W) to be as large as possible while the sectional area proves the most economical. Hence, it is material saving.
b. With processes including window design, project price, cost accounting, material optimization and others completed through the use of special software, and special equipment, the company conducts perfect processing, assembly and installation with high efficiency.

The HJ2008 thermal break aluminium casement window provides outstanding performance, with wind load resistance, water penetration, air permeability, heat transmission coefficient and sound insulation conforming to Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings (effective as of July 1, 2005).

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