GR63B Thermal Break Aluminium Window

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GR63B Thermal Break Aluminium Window

The GR63B thermal break aluminium window is one of our national patented products.
Specification: GR63B (cross-section width 55 mm)
Brand of hardware fittings: ROTO (Germany)
Standard window size: 1.5m×1.5m
Use of profile: 8.09 kg/m²

1. The deluxe and magnificent thermal break aluminum window is fitted with oversize profile for its frame which provides strong wind load resistance and is suitable for large window.
2. It uses European-standard U shaped notch design.
3. Requiring a small variety of profiles, the thermal break aluminium window is easy to make. It has two opening modes: the tilt mode and the turn mode. There is complete soft contact between the sash and window, avoiding metallic hard contact. 5mm+9A+6mm thick hollow glass is used to ensure real heat and sound insulation and excellent seal performance.
4. The aluminum window has two colors inside and outside, improving decorative effect.

Huajian is a specialized thermal break aluminium window manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including sliding aluminium window, thermal break tilt sliding aluminium door, outside hung aluminium window, wood grain powder coated aluminium profile, and others.

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