GR58 Tilt Turn Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)

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GR58 Tilt Turn Aluminium Window (Thermal Break Window)

Our GR58 tilt turn aluminium window is one of our national patented products.
Specification: GR58 (frame thickness 50 mm)
Brand of hardware fittings: G-U (Germany)
Standard window size: 1.5m×1.5m
Use of profile: 7.27 kg/m²

1. The tilt turn aluminum window offers two kinds of window sashes, namely, right angle and arc-shaped types, and right angle and arc-shaped beads, as well as two assembly methods. The window is designed with grace and beauty.
2. The thermal break window comes with bar inserting type design, and uses standard European-style hardware.
3. The tilt turn aluminium window only needs a small variety of profiles, and uses the same material for frame. Two opening modes include the tilt mode and the turn mode. There is soft contact between window frame and sash instead of metallic hard contact. With 5mm+9A+6mm thick hollow glass, the tilt turn aluminum window achieves real heat and sound insulation and excellent seal in addition to offering reasonable structure and good equipressure drainage performance when closed.
4. Proper window pillars can be chosen to meet the different requirements for wind load resistance.
5. It has two colors inside and outside, strengthening the decorative effects.

We are a professional tilt turn aluminium window manufacturer in China. We provide thermal break window, casement aluminium window, aluminium sliding window profile, aluminium sliding door, electrophoresis aluminium extrusion profile, wood-aluminium door and window.

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