GR58M Thermal Break Aluminium Window

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GR58M Thermal Break Aluminium Window

Our GR58M thermal break aluminium window has won national patent.
Specification: GR58M (frame thickness 50 mm)
Brand of hardware fittings: G-U (Germany)
Use of profile: 8.57kg/m²

1. The thermal break aluminium window comes with reasonable section design, and European-standard notches to facilitate assembling of hardware fittings.
2. Standard fastenings are used for the jointing between different angle windows and connection of window frame and stile. With the systematic use of glazing beads and sealing strips of uniform specifications, the aluminum window can be fitted with double glazing or triplex glazing of different specifications.
3. With good seal between window sash and frame, the thermal break aluminium window provides excellent air tightness and noise insulation performance.
4. Two opening modes include in-swinging and out-swinging types.
5. Different colors of inside and outside profiles can meet individual, color requirements for exterior and interior decoration of architecture, enriching decoration effects of the aluminum window.

As a specialized thermal break aluminium window manufacturer and supplier in China, Huajian also provides tilt turn aluminium window, aluminium sliding window profile, wood-aluminium door and window, anodizing aluminium extrusion profile, curtain wall aluminium profile, and other related products.

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