50B Outside Hung Aluminium Window

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50B Outside Hung Aluminium Window

Our 50B outside hung aluminium window has won national patent.
Specification: 50B (frame thickness 50 mm)
Standard window size: 1.5m×1.5m
Use of profile: 5.77 kg/m²

1. The universal outside hung aluminum window can be fitted with friction hinges to meet different window-opening requirements.
2. The window uses multipoint locking, ensuring uniform sealing, safety and reliability.
3. The use of specially-made cleats to reinforce corner construction helps guarantee window sash and frame fix firmly with reduced distortion and extended lifetime.
4. With high strength, safety and durability, the outside hung aluminium window is suitable for public low-storied buildings and residential houses.
5. Quality hardware fittings are used, which makes the window open and close flexibly, easy to use and lasting.
6. The product is easy to be processed into various types.

As a professional outside hung aluminium window manufacturer and supplier in China, Huajian offers a broad range of products that includes aluminium sliding door, tilt turn aluminium window, industry aluminium extrusion profile, wood-aluminium profile, and others.

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