T86 Aluminium Sliding Window

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Specification: T86 (frame thickness 86.6 mm)
Standard window size: 1.5m×1.5m
Use of profile: 8.12 kg/m²

1. The aluminium sliding window provides reasonable section structural design and great wind pressure resistance. Equipped with 5mm+9A+5mm hollow glass and hook lock or multi-point lock, the window looks luxurious, elegant, and is eco-friendly, economical and practical.
2. The window offers easy assembling of window sash and frame, with good tightness.

Huajian is aluminium sliding window manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including aluminium door profile, casement aluminium window, electrophoresis aluminium extrusion profile, wood-aluminium door and window, thermal break aluminium window, and others.

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