708 Aluminium Sliding Window

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708 Aluminium Sliding Window

Our 708 aluminium sliding window has won national patent.
Specification: 708 (cross-section width 70mm)
Brand of fittings: OEM products by Huajian
Standard window size: 1.5m×1.5m
Use of profile: 4.11 kg/m²

1. The 708 aluiminium sliding window offers reasonable section structure and a complete range of window-sash material options of hollow glass and common single glass. It can be fixed with crescent locks, with luxurious, elegant appearance, smooth operation, good economy and environment friendliness.
2. The aluminum sliding window comes with unique, step type drainage design which provides superior drainage performance. Extra structural design for felt strips improves the tightness between the double sliding tracks and the water and gas proofness of the aluminum window.
3. Widened section of edge seal and crosspiece increases the windowframe visibility after decoration of the window opening.
4. With a complete range of molds and simple processing techniques, the aluminium sliding window is easy to manufacture. It requires little materials, and comes with reliable fittings, providing high quality at a low price and the maximum economy for the customers.

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